First Time Visitor?

   It's not hard to find the church!  Its spire can be seen rising into the skies for miles in all directions.  The front entrance of the church faces south; there is angled parking along the street, and also on the north side of the church outside the long low Sunday School building. 

   Worship here is informal--come as you are!  You will be greeted at the entrance and given a bulletin.  The interior of the church is large and despite what you've heard about Lutherans, you can sit where you'd like!  For those who are a bit hard of hearing, we do have individual amplifiers which are worn in one ear, and can be used with hearing aids.  

   Services last an hour. We offer communion each Sunday. All are welcome at the table. We offer individual blessings to anyone who would prefer not to commune, and communion can be brought to you in your pew if you have mobility issues.

What You Can Expect

You can expect a mix of traditional and world music.  We often have cherub (our youngest members) and children's choirs, and an adult choir.  Often, percussion instruments are passed out to any interested in 'accompanying' the world music.  The sermons are meant to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ...and our pastor prefers a rather spare, concise preaching duration. 


Our members are a mix of ages and family sizes, living not just in Andover but in the surrounding areas as well. 


We offer Christian Education on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15 in our Sunday School wing. There are classes from preschool (age 3 or so) up through adults. 

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