Our ChurchLeadership


 Council Members

Rocky Atwell

Bonnie Bandelow, secretary

Wayne French

Steve Gray

Dena Mueller

Keith Poppy

Nikki Rehn

Florence White, vice-chairperson

Pastor Cliff Schmidt

Ed Williams

2016 Teams and Committees


Christian Education/Youth and Family Committee (Christian education)

  Chair: Sandra Johnson

  Team members:

         Laura Angelos, Lori Foley, Doug Nelson                                                          

         Terri Nelson, Ron Peterson, Heather Poppy


Endowment Fund Committee (coordinates uses of endowment fund interest)

  Chair: Keith Poppy*

  Team members:  Wayne French*, Sandra Johnson, Ron Peterson,

Gordon Rehn, Dave Westerlund, Tom White*


Evangelism Committee (shares the Gospel, welcomes visitors/new members and

                                            nurtures membership)

  Chair: Ruth Swanson

  Team member: Kathy Atwell


Memorial Committee (solicits and makes suggestions for use of memorial funds)

  Chair: Florence White

  Team members:

            Kathy Atwell, Wayne French, Jan Gritton, Mary Anne Lovdahl,

            Dwayne Newman, Dorothy Norberg, Tom White


Property Committee (responsible for physical plant and property of church)

  Chair: Rocky Atwell

  Team members: Wayne French, Steve Gray, Dennis Larson, Ed Williams


Scholarship Committee (responsible for distributing scholarship awards)

  Chair: Dena Mueller

  Team members:

            Laura Angelos, Bonnie Bandelow, Dena Mueller, Heather Poppy


Service Committee  (addresses needs of congregation, community and beyond)

  Chair: Nikki Rehn

  Team members: Nancy Gray, Jeanine Lees, Deanna Swanson


Stewardship Committee (coordinates sharing of time, talent and treasures)

  Chair: Rocky Atwell

  Team members: Sandra Johnson, Dena Mueller, Dick Rehn, Sally Rehn


Wellness Committee  (addresses health issues in congregation)

  Chair: Nancy Gray

  Team members: Laura Angelos, Connie Dismer


Worship Committee(coordinates worship life of congregation and services with church seasons)

  Chair: Kathy Atwell

  Team members: Connie Dismer, Terri Nelson, Nikki Rehn, Deanna Swanson








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